House Rules

The following rules will be observed by all patrons in the Club and are to be posted on all bulletin boards in the building.

  1. Members and guests are expected to dress comfortably and appropriately.
  2. Members and guests are kindly requested to help keep post home clean and tidy.
  1. The supervisor or employee in charge shall have full authority to enforce House Rules and may eject any member for misconduct or violation of club or post rules. Members have the right of appeal to the House Committee if necessary.
  1. Any suggestion or criticism of the club or legion operation shall be submitted to the House or Executive Committee, respectively, and it will be given due consideration.
  1. The employees or attendants on duty may refuse service to anyone for just cause.
  1. Any member or guest removing, damaging or destroying property of the American Legion shall pay for all associated costs.
  1. Unruly, obnoxious or belligerent behavior will not be tolerated and are just cause for ejection.
  1. There shall be no alcoholic beverages of any kind taken from the building. This is a violation of State Law and it will be enforced.
  1. Positively no alcoholic beverages will be served to minors under any circumstances.
  1. Dogs or other pets will not be allowed in the building.
  2. Loud, boisterous or profane language will not be tolerated in post home.
  3. The Lounge will close no later than 1:00 AM.